Human Resource Partners

John was recommended to us by one of his former trainees. In the past years, John has delivered a series of one-to-one business English communication sessions to our business professionals and we have observed a meaningful improvement in the participants' communication skills. John demonstrated the ability to design and deliver the right informations and skills to each of the trainees. His training philosophy and techniques definitely separate him from others and I really enjoy our partnership with John.


L.P., Head of Human Resources Japan, Global Investment Firm

Individual Participants

John's class has improved my communication skills and now I feel few barriers in working overseas. Lessons were very customized even though my job is in a specialized industry. He gave me great advice about logical structure and my responsibility as a speaker/writer. His deep and wide knowledge allowed for real practice that I face in international business.


K.H. Associate, Global Financial Firm

John is very knowledgable and an expert in communication for business use. I have been working outside Japan, including southeast Asia, the Middle East and India for almost two years, and believe John helped me build my English skill in the business environment. He provided advice and instruction that helped me have a smooth transition from casual language to more proper and sophisticated use. Every time I got feedback from John, I found it very precise and specific, and I could recognize areas for improvement.


T.Y. Associate, Global Management Consultancy

I truly appreciate the value of John's lessons. He gave me critical role-plays with specific feedback focused on my industry so I can limit my mistakes and prepare for discussions at important executive meetings. He always guides me on how to give presentations and handle questions effectively including advice on structure.


T.A. Associate, Global Private Equity Firm

John has helped my communication tremendously and helped me grow my business and make strong relationships with different business partners. He helped me overcome my mental barrier. When working overseas with foreign clients I can now speak without hesitations and express myself with confidence.


L.O. CEO, Global Entertainment Firm

John's sessions were directly focused on my real work business needs for communicating with many people around the world. He clearly identified my needs and have great ways to overcome my difficulties. He also have me strategies and helped me speak in a logical manner, and express myself more confidently in areas of business.


K.M. CEO, Luxury Firm