Service & Logistics 


- 1-1 or group lessons

- Professional speaking and writing skills for the workplace 

- Logical argument construction for clarity

- Customized and flexible course based on your specific needs/wants and industry


- Interactive  meeting discussion

- Negotiations

- Presentations

- Oral interviews for media or testing

- Moderating and participating in panel discussion 

- Industry specific role-plays, tasks

- Strategy instruction for managerial and leadership


- Emails

- Reports

- Letters

- Slides


- Fast-paced speech

- Accented speech

- Interactive discussions


Course Type

- Private (one-to-one) or group

- 10/20/30 hour course

- 6 or 12 month continuous course

- Intensive course: 10-20 hours/week


* majority of participants take part in a continuous course with 1-4 hours of instruction per week

Session Length and Location

- 1-3 hours per session

- at your company office or at an office rental office at your desired location

- Skype lessons available

Investment Cost


Private (one-to-one)

Group (2-3 people)

Group (4 or more people)

Investment Cost


¥6,000/hour per person

¥4,000/hour per person

* Free of charge: initial consultation, materials, transportation

* Cost may be negotiated based on specific needs